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Spiral Dough Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer Fixed Bowl


Spiral mixer suitable for all kinds of  bread production methods by means of its divider shear profiled in relation with the geometry of the spiral providing limited oxygenation of the dough which gives bread more flavour.


Epoxy coated base (food contact).
Base mounted on castors.
2 arm speeds.
Stainless steel spiral arms and divider shear.
Motorised stainless steel bowl.

Reversable bowl
ABS safety lid.
24 V control circuit

Emergency stop function

Easy to move my wheels


Spiral Mixer

Standard Construction

Motorised stainless steel bowl

24 V control circuit

2 speeds

2 Timers

Structure in epoxy powdered
ABS safety lid

Stainless steel spiral arms and divider shear

Stainless steel bowl

Spiral Mixer


ESKMspmF 40 Kg dough

ESKMspmF 80 Kg dough

ESKMspmF 100 Kg dough


ESKMspmF 130 Kg dough

ESKMspmF 160 Kg dough

ESKMspmF 200 Kg dough


PLC digital control

Stainless Steel Body

 380 V 50 Hz - 3 phase

Electricity Connection

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