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Rotothermic Rotary Rack Oven


Rotary Rack Oven

Rotary Rack Oven ( Rotothermic)

TUGKAN ESMKR Rotary Rack Oven is the equal heat distribution; operate at high production and regular circulation.
It's provided by well-designed heat exchangers , it provides a product at the requested pecularity with less energy consumption.
The burning chamber is made of high quality stainless steel resistant to temperature. Steam system,  double-way plate or  tube system depends on buyer request, high level steam is produced and each of the pans is adequately provided with the steam.
The steam is prevented to be dispersed in the workshop by hood and aspirator over the oven.
Baking chamber is fully made of stainless steel. It is easier to maintain and use of the oven.
TUGKAN Rotary Rack Oven can be operated using diesel fuel, fuel oil, lpg, natural gas and electricty.
High graded isolation material prevents heat losses and, saves energy.


Door handle on the right (standard) or on left hand side.

Control Pannel on the left  (standard) or on right hand side.

Baking chamber is fully made of stainless steel

Electromechanical control

Steam exhaust hood with exhaust fan

Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels.

Electrical beam by means of silicon cables high temperature

Deck Oven

Standard Construction

Oven front in polished stainless steel

Control Pannel on the left  ( right on request)

Head band

Epoxy painted wall pannels

Electromechanical control

Supply on 3 parts

Without Trays

Without Racks

Deck Oven


ESMKR 120  ( 400x600)

ESMKR 140 (590 x 800)

ESMKR 141 (590 x 800)

ESMKR 250  (750 x 1040)

ESMKR 251  (740 x 980)


Electromechanical Control

Digital Control

Stainless Steel Wall Pannels




Energy Source

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