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Dough Moulder

Dough Moulder

Long moulding machine moulds dough in desired thickness and length forms after pre-fermentation.Via various rollers mounted on the machine dough is sheeted to desired shape.Double running rollers help in this stage.One roller shapes dough to an initiall thickness while the other sheets dough to its final thickness before rolling. With this two stage system dough is gently sheeted without defect.
After sheeting dough enter rolling process.There are two adjustable side guides in front and back of the machine.These guides control the length and roll of dough.This machine is a part of dough processing line. Automatically it takes dough from previous machine andhelps to line shaped dough.

The shaping cushions is made of flat and resistance increased long life conveying band and adjustable roller group.

Maximum dough length : 420 mm

Two or one pressure board options.

Two polyamide rollers standard

Three  polyamide rollers on request

The roller can be adjusted between 0 30 cm without any position.

Dough Moulder

Standard Construction

Maximum dough length : 420 mm

Mounted on wheels with floor fixing

Two polyamide rollers

Epoxy painted wall pannels

Two or one pressure board options.

Flour duster

Complies with CE regulations

Dough Moulder



FMK DMinox



Two or one pressure board

Adjustable Speed

Stainless Steel Body

380 V AC. 50 Hz
Electricity Connection

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