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Convection Oven

It provides a hot air circulation by the help of 2 fans available in the mini oven; and distributes to all the volume homogeneously. Special equipments are available in the lower part which provides the suitable environment for the yeasted products. It is completely made of stainless steel.
It is specially designed for the smail sized cakes, pies and sandwich making in the pastry shops, restaurants, hotels. The energy saving is obtained with its high insulation.

5 - 9 - 16 Trays ( depends on model )

Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels.

Electromechanical control

Door opening on the right or on the left.

Hood with steam extractor

Steam generator
Tempered glass

Electricity or Gas ( Depends on Model )

Completely made of stainless steel

Deck Oven

Standard Construction

Tempered glass

Controls on the right ( left on request)

Hood with steam extractor

Completely made of stainless steel

Electromechanical control

With steam vent

Without Trays

Without fermantation unit

Deck Oven


ESMK 5E (5 trays - Electricity - 400 X 600)

ESMK 9E (9 trays - Electricity - 400 X 600)

ESMK 9G (9 trays - Gas - 400 X 600)

KMKC 45E (16 trays - Electricity - 400 X 800)

KMKC 55E (16 trays - Electricity - 400 X 600)


Mechanic Control

Digital Control




Energy Source

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