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Conical Rounder


Conical Rounder

Conical rounder machine shapes the dough with  a cone made of aluminium and the aluminium rounding spirals.The dough coming from volumetric dough divider drops to rounder channels and  reaches to the proofing machine being rounded to proofer


At the meantime, the dough is prevented to stick to the discharge with integral flour dusting system. Also optionally blowing hot or cold air  can be added to conical rounder to prevent to stick on the drum.


Conical Rounder KMKas specially manufactured machine to shape the dough between 40-1200 gr.  by means of adjustable spirals can be produced as per the demand.





Motor power 1.1 kW

Aluminium Cone

Aluminium Spiral

Mounted on castors

Integral Flour Duster

Epoxy painted  wall pannel

380 V  50 Hz N+PE

Dough Rounder


30-150 gr 50-300 gr 100-600 gr 200-1200 gr

Adjustable Spirals

Stainless Steel Body

Adjustable Speed

Teflon Coated Cone

Teflon Coated Spirals


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